Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's the little things...

Hello you gorgeous people,

As a makeup artist i am often asked the same questions by my clients, so I am dedicating a few posts to the answers you all seek.

This week we will look at skin care.

Which moisturiser should I use?

My personal favourite is Oil Of Olay. Everytime I come across an older lady with fantastic skin who looks at least 10 years younger than she is, it seems that Oil of Olay has been her moisturiser for as long as she can remember.
Other creams and lotions that are also good are; Vitamin E Cream by Body Shop, Bio Oil (especially for marked skin) and most creams with Vitamn E.
The trick is to get the right consistency, not too greasy and not too dry. Put enough on for your skin to feel smooth yet oil free, but not too little otherwise your skin will be dry.

How do I get rid of my spots?

If you have a specific acne problem, I recommend that you get your doctor to refer you to a dermatoligist. However, if you are worried about those little outbreaks that happen from time to time then read on...

Spots can break out for a variety of reasons, stress, hormones or bad skin care, so it is important to pin point the source of your white headed friends before tackling the issue.

Drinking plenty of water is not a myth, after about 7-10 days your skin becomes radiant, hydrated and the spots start to vanish.
Change your moisturiser, sometimes we can be using a product that just isnt right for our skin.
Remove your makeup before going to bed, your skin needs to breathe, and at night is a good time to let it.

I have a major occassion coming up and I have a spot, how do I cover it?

Firstly, pop some savlon cream on it, it really helps!
Then (and I know it's hard to do) stop stressing about it, it may just go away before the big day.

The biggest mistake we all make when covering our spots is sticking too much product on it. This aggrevates the area and the consistency makes the spot stick out further.

When applying your makeup, first put a tiny bit of savlon over the area, then get a green concealer and put a fine layer over the red area. Then cover with a cream concealer and powder lightly over.

Now i don't claim to be a dermatologist, so this is by no means expert advice, but in my line of business there are some constants that you can make a professional judgement on.

If you have any questions of your own that you would like to see in this section please send them to me.

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Be Beautiful
Tabinda xx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

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Monday, 6 June 2011

The perfect look...

Whether it is our school dance, our sister's wedding or our 21st Birthday, we've all walked the tightrope of getting our look perfect.

We don't want to stand out like a sore thumb, and we don't want to blend into the background either.

Below are a few points to help us get it right everytime...

1. Personality - Our personality plays a very big role in the type of makeup we like to wear, our everyday look reflects our inner self and our special occassion look should also do the same. So if blue eyeshadow is just not you, then don't go there, and if you like black nailpolish, why not?

2. Level of Makeup - Each one of us has our own limit to how much makeup we want to wear and at what time. Going shopping requires less makeup than getting married, but someone who wears a full face of makeup every day will need different makeup on their wedding day than someone who is used to going shopping in their moisturiser.

3. Outfit - Our choice of outfit reflects our personality and we already have an image swimming in our mind as to how we want to look in it. We should use this image and allow our outfit to speak further to us. Maybe a green from the embroidery will make a nice under eye liner, or the hue of the fabric requires a peach blusher rather than pink.

4. Occassion - Different occasions will require different looks. For example attending a friends wedding requires a softer look than your brother's engagement. After all you are a special guest at your brother's event, even if the outfits for both occasions may be of equal splendour. So think about how we can soften or enhance our look as the occassion requires. A good way to stand out from the crowd at an important event is to have a glamourous hairstyle, it can dramatically change your image and people will remember that you looked different on that day.

5. Comfort - This is the most important thing for us all. If we are not comfortable with how we look we will feel uneasy for the entirity of the occasion, and any positive comments will be washed away. So, no matter how much your best friend insists that you look fantastic in a sari, only wear what you feel comfortable with.

As an artist I follow the rules above for my clients. I get to know them and their styles, I work with their own pallettes and comfort zones.
It works everytime...